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Les Deux

Les Deux sent their first collection out in 2011 and although the brand is still young, they have managed to spread out already. You may know Les Deux from their simple but stylish and timeless designs which is their greatest strength

Virgil Nicholas and Andreas von der Heide are the two men behind Les Deux.

They have in just a few years already been introduced internationally and continue to grow.

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Les Deux

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Les Deux

Virgil Nicholas and Andreas von der Heide are the duo behind Les Deux. Les Deux is not limited only to Denmark being available in other countries. These caps are known for their simple but stylish design. Les Deux caps has timeless designs and can be used for any occasion from business meals to casual outings.

Les Deux is out of the box

The first ideas for the brand started back in Copenhagen in 2009. The name Les Deux represents the two founders who group up in different culture and found each other despite their different backgrounds. With this brand, they found their way of mixing a stylish and discreet design with a dose of big city and trendy look creating a unique style.

The Danish brand continues to grow each season and is constantly expanding into new markets. They are currently available in three countries but continues to expand.

Les Deux is not only a brand for men, although it does look like so at first glance! Their caps highlight the owners individual characteristic and is able to give both the businessman look and the "cool kid" look.